Hot Tub Energy Calculator


Beachcomber Hot Tubs exceeds the standards for hot tub testing set by the California Energy Commission (CEC).
Updated August 8, 2013. Changes to hot tub design in order to improve energy efficiency may have been made since the date this data was posted.
Test procedures and data collection is based on the test method for Portable Electric Spas stipulated in Section 1604, Title 20, California Code of Regulations, amended on December 3, 2008. CEC testing parameters require that all units listed are tested in a third party or CEC approved laboratory, under a controlled environment with an ambient air temperature of 60[15.6°C]±3°F and hot tub water temperature of 102[38.9°C]±2°F, with the hot tub cover on for a continuous 72 hours, and in compliance with ANSI/APSP/ICC-14 2011 and IAPMO filtration and water turnover requirements.
Energy consumption may vary significantly with ambient environmental temperature, frequency of use, filtration settings and the use of other hot tub features including temperature controls, circulating jets, etc.
Estimated monthly operating costs are based on testing conducted in a controlled environment with the following parameters: Using the hot tub for 30 minutes every other day, maintaining hot tub water temperature of 102°F[38.9°C].
Check with your local utility for the energy rate (cost per kilowatt hour) in your area as the actual operating cost could vary based on your yearly average ambient temperature, hot tub usage and cost per kilowatt hour.

Beachcomber is a family owned business since 1978.

We are a professional hot tub specialist company committed to connecting family, friends and loved ones and making the world a happier, healthier place.

Keith Scott

Founder, Beachcomber Hot Tubs

Hybrid3 Technology

100% Full Cavity Insulation

You wouldn’t buy a house without insulation, so why would you buy a hot tub without every available space insulated to keep the heat and energy where it belongs. In each Beachcomber hot tub we build every available space is filled with a special  expanding foam. Our specialists spray this foam into the open hot tub cavity where it fills and completely seals any open space. The foam hardens and makes an impenetrable barrier trapping air and moisture out while sealing heat in. This 100% cavity seal saves money in energy costs by fully insulating your hot tub.


Energy Saver Management System

Our engineering goal at Beachcomber is to use the natural power of hydrodynamic water flow to provide the best massage, in every seat. The Energy Saver Management System is Beachcomber’s digital operating system, with up to the minute water flow, that reduces power usage while providing clean, fresh water. We increase water pressure for the best massage, and minimize electricity use to save you money year after year.


SafeAxiss Safety Step

Your comfort and safety is important to Beachcomber. The SafeAxiss Steps allows you to access your hot tub with ease. Made with non-slip surfacing, this custom made step provides safety and ease of use for anyone, from children through to adults. The step also acts as protection for your hot tub equipment, allowing easy access and better insulation for your hot tub.

“Love your product! One of our better investments it’s a holiday every day in our own backyard I have injuries from an accident and the therapy this tub provides is second to none! Our whole family benefits … it’s a place to get together and relax and regenerate your mind and body for tomorrow!!”

Donald Ruthford

Hot Tub Covers

Beachcomber Hot Tubs heatshield cover



Every Beachcomber Hot Tub comes with an energy-saving Heatshield Cover, protecting your hot tub from the elements.

Beachcomber Heatshields are custom-built at our factory to the same quality and standards that we build all our hot tubs.

The Heatshield Cover helps you conserve energy by forming a tight vacuum seal around the lip of the hot tub to keep the heat where it belongs, in your hot tub.

This means that your hot tub is always at the ideal temperature, ready to use at any time.

Your Beachcomber Heatshield hot tub cover not only keeps the heat in your hot tub but also protects your hot tub from the elements in all seasons.

“…it is so wonderful to be able to come home, grab something cold and go relax in the tub! Thank you so much for all the enjoyment we are getting and this is only the beginning!”

Karen Gillard

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